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Air Brake Connectors and Pipe Fittings

Air brake connections offer a reliable and permanent fitting solution for air pipes. Once assembled, they are sealed tight and cannot be dismantled. Our air pipe fittings are suitable for a variety of pipe sizes from 6-16mm in diameter and are affordable and robust.

If you are looking to fit pipes into angled or compact spaces, bespoke connector configurations can be made by using T and elbow adaptors. These can also be purchased from us meaning it is possible to create a multitude of different arrangements from this modular system.

Ready to use, these safety fittings do not require any additional tools or equipment when joining to the tubes making them quick, easy and convenient to use.

Kits are also available which are ideal for stocking in workshops and vehicles. This provides an air brake fitting assortment to suit all of your needs.

Key Features:

·         Strong and Reliable

·         Air tight and Permanent

·         Modular system

·         No additional tools required

Efficient and affordable, these air brake connectors are a safe and reliable addition to any workshop.

Take a look at the air brake connection catalogue for the complete range of pipe fittings. Please get in touch via email or phone 0141 429 3141 to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.

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Air brake couplings and fittings
Sirit air brake connections are permanent push in fitting and extremely reliable. Once these connect..£0.00
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