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We offer the best quality batteries and chargers that help keep your cars, buses, trucks and other heavy machinery on the road. Our premium quality and cost-effective batteries and chargers are designed to provide unrivalled reliability, quality and longevity even in the most demanding environments or applications.

We currently have a large inventory of batteries from leisure batteries to large marine batteries. We also pride ourselves with the ability of offering our customers with the ones we do not have in stock on a 48 hour basis.

Stanley R Harris specialises in electrical power storage, conversion and charging. Our entire inventory of batteries and chargers boast of fantastic build quality and features. Our chargers are able to interact with batteries providing them with the optimum three stage charge process which maximizes battery performance and prolongs battery life by offering the best amperages for an extended period of time before cutting out.

Our chargers also happen to be ISO 9001 certified (splash and dust proof) and compatible with the electronics of any small or large vehicle, so you are always able to find the correct battery (and its charger) for any application.

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Odyssey high performance batteries
Odyssey Extreme Racing batteries offer phenomenal starting power and massive deep cycle reserve powe..£0.00
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Ripca digital split charge unit
12v 25 AMP digital universal battery split charger unit for vehicles with auxiliary batteries. This..£339.23
Ex Tax: £282.69
Sealet intelligent autocharger 12amp
Compact electronic battery charger with pressed steel casing and carry handle. Intelligent charge c..£47.94
Ex Tax: £39.95
Sealey automatic starter / charger
40/70/350A 12V Automatic starter/charger. • Microprocessor control Speed Charge, thermal runaway pro..£431.94
Ex Tax: £359.95
Sealey digital battery charger
Intelligent charge control and selectable 6V or 12V, slow or fast, output make this unit perfect for..£56.64
Ex Tax: £47.20
Sealey intelligent autocharger 9 amp
Compact electronic battery charger with pressed steel casing and carry handle. Intelligent charge c..£41.94
Ex Tax: £34.95
Sealey intelligent charger 12 amp
Fully automatic microprocessor controlled battery chargers and maintainers featuring patented Speed ..£105.54
Ex Tax: £87.95
Sealey intelligent starter/charger 20 amp
Powerful 20Amp output microprocessor controlled battery charger suitable for batteries up to 230Ah. ..£172.74
Ex Tax: £143.95
Sealey Superstart 320
• Super heavy-duty starter charger for the medium and large garage, workshop and bodyshop operation...£359.94
Ex Tax: £299.95
SIP battery charger and starter
SIP 25076 Startmaster P165-BC Battery Starter-Charger, 12v DC. 230v - 13amp. Easy portable at only 7..£198.00
Ex Tax: £165.00
Varta & Numax batteries
We stock a large range of varta batteries on the shelf and anything we don't have is on a next day b..£0.00
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