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Top Ten Most Fascinating and Practical Driving Jobs


Millions of jobs all over the world are made possible by varying vehicles. On the typical commute home, one can expect to come across the mailman who drives around a delivery van. The sanitation worker might stop by your house to scoop up your garbage into his truck. And along the highway, you'll likely be sharing the road with Dry Van drivers.


The transportation sector alone serves as the backbone of many industrialised societies.


Your friends at Stanley Harris decided to put together of interesting and practical driving job for those who feel comfortable behind the wheel of a car. For those who enjoy the thrill of speeding by opponents. And for those who are merely curious about possibilities for a solid days job. There are quite a few options out there. We present you a diverse mix of fascinating and practical driving jobs.


Driving Job #1 - Dry Van Driver


Commonly referred to as truck drivers, dry van drivers provide an essential service by transporting goods and raw materials. They travel across towns, cities, and countries to ensure that we are constantly provided with the items we have grown accustomed to.


Carrying dry, non-liquid products, they shoulder a crucial responsibility. If they fail to keep their logs accurate, they could cost big companies logistical and financial problems.  That could mean you don't get to buy your gallon of milk for the day.


Aside from maintaining routes through various distribution centres, drivers also manage their vehicles, maintaining the mechanical performance of their 53 feet long vehicle.



Driving Job #2 - Stunt Driver


Imagine hanging off the side of the building, jumping into speeding vehicles, flying into danger,or fighting an action sequence for the climax of a film. Though actors enjoy the acclaim generated from the success of these adrenaline-pumping moments, stunt drivers do the work.


Stunt drivers take live action risks that make our films worth watching. Their technical expertise and ability to work under pressure drive us wild. If you are don’t mind the responsibility of bringing excitement to high budget films or television shows, you may have found your opportunity. This job is perfect for those who feel comfortable behind the wheel of a car. Stunt drivers can be expected to spend hours performing dangerous manoeuvres for a few seconds on camera.


To become a professional stunt driver, you are advised to attend stunt school, where you'll go over various skills: Climbing, rappelling, martial arts, falls, boxing, footfalls, driving skills and more. By developing your craft and building a network, you could be hired as an expert driver for a racing movie. And after a few more projects, you can begin to work more consistently, earning over 100,000 pounds per year.


Driving Job #3 - Bus Operator


To be a bus operator in the United Kingdom you have to be at least be 18 years of age, with a  PCV license. You cannot have more than three points on your licence.


Bus drivers are an essential part of our communities. Apart from driving the public to local destinations, bus operators are also expected to deliver excellent customer service as they interact with boarding passengers. They are friendly specialists who make a variety of routes through local areas ensuring that the rest of us get to where we need to go.


If you are good at sticking to a schedule and consider safety one of your driving priorities, a job as a bus operator might be for you.



Driving Job #4 - Racing Engineer


A race engineer plays a critical role in maintaining the performance of racing automobiles. They relay information between analysts and mechanics. They are responsible for the hands-on management of setting up testing schedules, understanding regulations and working with mechanics. It is their job to make sure adjustments are made as ideally as possible for their driver.


While the driver wants to finish first, the race engineer’s primary objective is for the vehicle to perform at peak levels.


Racing engineers great communicators and are comfortable working in teams. They are often the central reference point for the media as they can answer many questions about the race team.



Driver Driving Job #5 - Mail Delivery Driver


Work for the post office and deliver parcels to residences and businesses. One of the more strenuous occupations on our list, this job entails navigating routes and frequently handling heavy packages.


As a mail delivery driver, your daily duties will include sorting mail into address order. You may be asked to operate automated equipment and obtain customer signatures for registered and recorded deliveries.



Driver Driving Job #6 - Factory Test Driver


Automotive test drivers analyse vehicle performance on behalf of factories, vehicle test organisations and manufacturers. They report on the performance of every aspect of a vehicle leading to critical insight for engineers. Test drivers are experts who recommend enhancements on safety, handling and fuel economy. They give companies a chance to impress consumers with vehicle optimisations.


Imagine crash testing a vehicle to gauge the reliability of prototype brakes. With a vocational degree of bachelors in mechanical engineering, a candidate who is proficient with vehicle systems can get a job as factory test driver.


When you see that a vehicle has earned a prize(i.e. for speed, manoeuvrability, safety and more),  chances are a factory test driver conducted the trials to determine the premier vehicle of the industry.


Driver Driving Job #7 - Private Chauffeur


Drive VIP clients to their destinations. Chauffeurs are trusted with expert knowledge of the local environment to assist clients. Often dealing with busy professionals, chauffeurs have strong interpersonal skills and offer a luxurious level of service that is tailored to patrons.


One thing that these drivers do not get enough credit for is how attentive and diligent they must be. Chauffeurs are expected to be on hand, ready to respond at a moments notice, demonstrating a high level of responsibility.



Driving Job #8 - Military Truck Driver


Responsibilities of military truck drivers include interpreting load plans, checking vehicle tires, oil and other fluid levels. They may be called to operate trucks as part of a convoy or alone in support of combat missions. They must document fuel and travel records. Cleaning and maintaining the vehicle are expected of drivers as they constantly move around.


If you are willing to consider serving your country, you may assist by driving water/fuel tank trucks, semi-tractor trailers, heavy troop transports and passenger buses.


You may also choose to deliver cargo on many different transport vehicles that require special training.



Driving Job #9 - Tanker Driver


A tanker driver transports liquid and flammable freight. They check delivery schedules and note instructions. They ensure the safety of tanker during loading, unloading and checking vehicle. They connect hoses, remove utility hole covers and asses fuel tanks and storage silos. Aside from their physical duties, these professionals file paperwork and maintain the logistics of their activities using a tachograph system.



Driving Job # 10 - Monster Truck Driver


The Monster truck derby is a motocross sport which attracts its herd of fans. A circus for pickup trucks, monster trucks are SUVs modified with oversized suspension and towering tires. They are fitted with fibreglass and formed to the general dimensions of 12 feet tall, 12 feet wide and 66 inch tires.


Monster truck drivers race their vehicles or perform stunts with their vehicles.









Posted by Mark Harris
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