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We all love our cars and there's no doubt we all love our phones! So it's no wonder there are literally thousands of apps for car owners out there. We've decided to put together our "22 Awesome A.. Read More
One of the main causes of road traffic accidents is distracted driving, this is any activity that can divert a person's attention away from the primary task of driving. Driving can be hard enough with.. Read More
From your grandpa's raggedy old hand-me-down Datsun to the brand new Vauxhall Astra you have been planning to put your pounds on, getting behind the wheels of a smooth, well oiled machine is a differe.. Read More
Utility vehicles today represent a necessity for a lot of jobs in construction, sports, road maintenance, and even in the army. Given their diversity, their practicality, and their brute force, these .. Read More
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We spoke to a number of industry experts who kindly shared their CV Show 2015 experience with us, outlining their main highlights of this years CV Show and explained just how the CV Show benefited them as a business.

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Here we have the consumer reports survey 2014 results carried out to identify which brands have proven most popular amongst consumers. Statistics include scores for the overall brand perception, which cars have been "the worst" for the year and important factors in buying a new car including quality, safety, performance, value, design and technology.

Emergency vehicle communication devices
Back in 2013 the ambulance service in the south of England fitted solar panels to the roof of their emergency vehicles. The aim of this exercise was to reduce carbon monoxide output by around 30 tonnes, it was a great idea, and it highlights how modern technology can be a real asset to the emergency services. Over the years updates in technology have revolutionised the efficiency of emergency response vehicles and this has a direct impact on the effectiveness of their crews. Whether it’s a fire engine, police car, ambulance or breakdown truck, any emergency vehicle relies heavily on modern ..
Responsible motoring extends far beyond driving acumen and awareness of others on the road. Responsible motoring encompasses the driving experience and the vehicle itself. Easy access to vehicular tools is essential for safe motoring. Tools are invaluable in breakdown situations. Imagine if you got a flat tyre in the dead of night on a cold winters even and were without a socket wrench? The following are five tools that are essential for any motorist to have in their car at all times.  Life Hammer The life hammer is a small tool that could save your life in the event of an accid..
The price of petrol in the UK has hit a six year low. As reflected in the world’s commodity markets, the price of oil hasn’t been cheaper since the turn of the decade, and British motorists are reaping the rewards. Reacting to this, Britain’s major supermarket chains, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons have all announced their intention to shave two pence off the cost of petrol. Indeed, leading the way was Tesco’s and in January they cut the cost of petrol to 103.9p per litre on their forecourts. The other major supermarkets followed suit with similar cuts. This development takes pet..
Commercial driving safety is paramount. This is no more apparent than when large-scale commercial vehicles are tasked with transporting goods from one end of the UK to another, or even abroad. One of the contributing factors to safe motoring, yet one that isn’t often considered to be paramount, is the climate. What should be understood is the fact that weather conditions often play a vital role in long haul driving. When driving throughout the summer months there are a number of factors that should be considered to ensure safe motoring. Here we examine the more prudent motoring considera..
Tips for Prolonging Your Truck's Lifespan
Trucks are manufactured to be resilient vehicles, but this does not mean they are going to last forever. In fact, any vehicle without proper maintenance is bound to give out sooner than you expect. Despite the fact that it may seem bothersome to take extra care of your truck, bear in mind that the price of maintenance is significantly lower than the price of buying a new one. Additionally, if something breaks down, you need to pay for the repairs, whereas with proper care, you can avoid those expenses. Here are a couple of things you should always bear in mind for the purpose of increasing ..
Six ways to prevent car theft
In December last year there were a total of 28,700 vehicle related crimes in the UK. That’s almost 30,000 in one month. For that reason, everyone should take car crimes seriously and put in place security measures to guarantee that their four wheels are safe. Especially if your vehicle is your livelihood. But what sort of steps can you take towards making your car more secure? Here are our six tips. GPS Trackers   In the event that your vehicle is stolen, tracking the vehicle will prove extremely difficult. That is, unless you have a GPS tracker installed. With one you’ll ..
Driving at night – our guide to staying safe
Driving the roads at night isn’t safe. Vision is impaired, you’re on unfamiliar territory, and you’re tired. Add those things together and you have a recipe for disaster. But for some, driving through the night is a necessity. It’s a job. There’s just no way around it. So what can those of you out there who spend time on the road under the cloak of night do to remain safe? Get plenty of sleep – It’s important that you tailor your body clock so that you’re well adjusted to being awake at night. Driving in the dead of night means your vision is already impaired; don’t add to that danger..
Carolus Tools
  Carolus Tools have been making high quality professional level tools for over 100 years and in over 40 countries. Their focus is on ergonomic design and durability. As part of the Gedore group they have a massive R&D area to pool resources from as well as high levels of quality control and manufacturing know how. If you're looking for high quality tools at reasonable prices with excellent after sales support give Carolus tools a try. You can find some of their range on our site here and find out more and look at their online catalogue on their website here. ..
7 Things To Consider When Buying A Used Truck
Buying a brand new truck can place a lot of strain on anyone’s budget, especially if you want to buy more than one for the purpose of starting your own line of work. Many professions nowadays use trucks as the main mean of transporting goods, and since these trucks are constantly on the road, they need to be in a good shape. Truck drivers are fully aware that regardless of the initial shape and maintenance, truck parts wear down eventually. This is why you need to be extra careful when buying used trucks, and test them appropriately before ascertaining their real value. Here are a couple of..
Valeo products for 2015
During the course of 2015 we will be introducing, or in some cases reintroducing, new and updated product ranges from a variety of suppliers. One of these suppliers is Valeo. We have dealt with them for many years for a wide range of products however in recent times less so due to our focus primarily shifting to commercial vehicles only. As we are finding demand for products beyond our normal bread and butter product lines we've found Valeo, amongst others, capable of supplying good quality commercial vehicle parts in a timely fashion with a large range of OE products.  Upon visit..
What To Do If You Fill Up With The Wrong Fuel
An easy mistake to make and actually more common than you’d think, filling up with the wrong fuel doesn’t need to be a major issue. Many key car recovery businesses, including the AA and the RAC offer drainage solutions to help prevent any extensive damage to your car. Here at Stanley R Harris we have some top tips on what to do to begin with, and information to reduce the potential damage.   (via Wrong Fuel UK)   The statistics Although no one deliberately fills up their car with the wrong fuel, there are a few measures to take in order to prevent the issue from o..
Top 7 Smartphone Driving Apps
Join the smartphone revolution by downloading all the best apps to help you on the road. With so many different apps to choose from it can be hard to know which to download. Whether you’re lost and in need of some directions, looking for some money saving tips, or you want the latest traffic updates, there’s an app for that! Here at Stanley R Harris we’ve picked our top seven apps for drivers.   (via This Is Money)   Google Maps (free) Android and iPhone As a standard setting, most phones tend to have Google Maps already downloaded on them. This app comes in handy ..

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