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​   Driving is one of those privileges most people can admit to looking forward to from a young age. As teeneagers we anticipate getting behind the wheel of a car. We see ourselves finally .. Read More
Though we often drive by them daily, only a few take the time to appreciate the work of HGV drivers. They help keep our economy moving forward by delivering goods to factories, commercial businesses, .. Read More
UK roads are considered one of the safest in the world. But still, accidents are increasing over the years, especially since 2015 where the number of deaths have increased by 6%. The UK sees a number .. Read More
So, you've finally decided to get on with your driving. You're sick of having to walk from point A to point B or using public trabnsport and it's time to go on your own adventures with your own car an.. Read More
We all love our cars and there's no doubt we all love our phones! So it's no wonder there are literally thousands of apps for car owners out there. We've decided to put together our "22 Awesome A.. Read More
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All You Need to Know about Utility Vehicles
Utility vehicles today represent a necessity for a lot of jobs in construction, sports, road maintenance, and even in the army. Given their diversity, their practicality, and their brute force, these cars can become invaluable for any enterprise. We’re here because we know this, and are set to bring our readers a complete rundown of the pros and cons, the do's and do not's, the key things, and the in-betweens of utility vehicles that you need to know. For the sake of easy-reading, we’ve split our guide to utility vehicles into three main parts. In the first section, we’ll be making..
Every risk you’ll need to avoid when buying a second-hand car
So you’re looking for a second-hand car, but you don’t want to break the budget. Where do you go? There are local listings, internet forums and dealerships – but each vehicle has their own hidden history. The UK Citizen’s Advice bureau analysed 2,519 second-hand car complaints in the first two weeks of September 2013 and found that an amazing 139 cars were worthy of the scrap heap! 4 in 5 of the cars in question also required essential repairs. Most of us can appreciate the cost of up keeping a vehicle, but when you’re left to pick up the tab on damage that isn’t your fault it feels mu..
Top 20 Tools Every Man Should Have in His Garage
Owning a complete set of tools as well as seeing the fruits of your labour coming out of your very own hands has always been every guy’s dream. So, if you have your very own working space type of garage, and you’re a do-it-yourself guy and a man’s man, you should definitely start building your man cave and stocking it with all the tools of the trade you’ll be needing throughout a lifetime. Here is a list of the top 20 tools you shouldn’t be caught without in your garage, divided into categories, with a few other useful information and tips in between. So browse through, enjoy the finest of..
20 Essential Long Distance Driving Tips

Long distance driving can be painful when you aren't prepared, but with these 20 tips your journey will be a cruise.

Chapter 8 of the Traffic Manual 2009 is an important document and guiding principle for any business with a vested interest in the commercial vehicles sector, given that it relates to companies working on high speed roads and highways. As a distributor of vehicle equipment, we work with businesses for whom knowledge of Chapter 8 is vital if their businesses are to run smoothly. So, here is our handy visual guide to Chapter 8, and how it relates to highway safety for your business. ​   ..
LED's and Lumens
We often get asked why LED's are 'better' than incandescent bulbs/lamps and now the technology is getting to a point where it easily surpasses the older tech in certain applications its worth pointing a couple of things out.  1: They use far less power and are more efficient i.e they put out more lumens per watt. This is good as they are generally much much brighter, are ideal for rapid on/off applications and can be used normally on vehicles when the engine is off. Even the biggest LED light flashing light bars only draw a few amps so its safe to leave them running for extended period..
Royal Mail Signed For option added to checkout
Today we rolled out a new postage calculator for shipping smaller items. Using Royal Mail Signed For shipping and volumetric price guides the products are categorised into weight and size and you should find a significant postage saving using this service on jiffy bag sized items around 250g and/or small parcels up to 1kg. ..
Tips to Effectively Expand Your Business and Fleet

The commercial vehicle sector is currently aglow with excitement, coming off the heels of another successful CV Show and news of record breaking demand

We spoke to a number of industry experts who kindly shared their CV Show 2015 experience with us, outlining their main highlights of this years CV Show and explained just how the CV Show benefited them as a business.

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Here we have the consumer reports survey 2014 results carried out to identify which brands have proven most popular amongst consumers. Statistics include scores for the overall brand perception, which cars have been "the worst" for the year and important factors in buying a new car including quality, safety, performance, value, design and technology.

Emergency vehicle communication devices
Back in 2013 the ambulance service in the south of England fitted solar panels to the roof of their emergency vehicles. The aim of this exercise was to reduce carbon monoxide output by around 30 tonnes, it was a great idea, and it highlights how modern technology can be a real asset to the emergency services. Over the years updates in technology have revolutionised the efficiency of emergency response vehicles and this has a direct impact on the effectiveness of their crews. Whether it’s a fire engine, police car, ambulance or breakdown truck, any emergency vehicle relies heavily on modern ..
Responsible motoring extends far beyond driving acumen and awareness of others on the road. Responsible motoring encompasses the driving experience and the vehicle itself. Easy access to vehicular tools is essential for safe motoring. Tools are invaluable in breakdown situations. Imagine if you got a flat tyre in the dead of night on a cold winters even and were without a socket wrench? The following are five tools that are essential for any motorist to have in their car at all times.  Life Hammer The life hammer is a small tool that could save your life in the event of an accid..
The price of petrol in the UK has hit a six year low. As reflected in the world’s commodity markets, the price of oil hasn’t been cheaper since the turn of the decade, and British motorists are reaping the rewards. Reacting to this, Britain’s major supermarket chains, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons have all announced their intention to shave two pence off the cost of petrol. Indeed, leading the way was Tesco’s and in January they cut the cost of petrol to 103.9p per litre on their forecourts. The other major supermarkets followed suit with similar cuts. This development takes pet..
Commercial driving safety is paramount. This is no more apparent than when large-scale commercial vehicles are tasked with transporting goods from one end of the UK to another, or even abroad. One of the contributing factors to safe motoring, yet one that isn’t often considered to be paramount, is the climate. What should be understood is the fact that weather conditions often play a vital role in long haul driving. When driving throughout the summer months there are a number of factors that should be considered to ensure safe motoring. Here we examine the more prudent motoring considera..
Tips for Prolonging Your Truck's Lifespan
Trucks are manufactured to be resilient vehicles, but this does not mean they are going to last forever. In fact, any vehicle without proper maintenance is bound to give out sooner than you expect. Despite the fact that it may seem bothersome to take extra care of your truck, bear in mind that the price of maintenance is significantly lower than the price of buying a new one. Additionally, if something breaks down, you need to pay for the repairs, whereas with proper care, you can avoid those expenses. Here are a couple of things you should always bear in mind for the purpose of increasing ..
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