Isolator Switches

Isolator Switches that Ensure Safety

Electric circuits can pose a danger to those operating them. It’s essential that an isolator switch is employed to completely de-energise the circuit. Without this component there is significant danger to life.

Here at Stanley R Harris we stock a battery isolator switch as reliable as it is cost-effective. Perfect for application in electrical distribution and industrial applications, our Hella 4 Pole isolator switches provide isolation for both positive and negative sides of a battery.

Our isolator switch is priced at just £203.44. A small price to pay considering that without these switches significant safety concerns would arise, no matter the environment.

As with all our products we guarantee unrivalled quality. As one of the foremost brands in the industry, Hella is renowned for designing products that provide superior durability and performance. These switches are a prime example of Hella’s product quality.

These battery operated isolator switches remain operable at temperatures that range from -40 degrees Celsius to twenty nine degrees Celsius, They will isolate either the positive and negative sides of the battery or two circuits with the flip of a single switch.

If you’d like to place an order, it’s very simple. You need only click ‘Add to Cart’ and we’ll process your order in a timely manner.

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