Osram SX300-SP LEDDriving Light 350mm

Osram SX300-SP LEDDriving Light 350mm
Brand: Osram
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LEDriving® Lightbar SX300-SP – powerful LED light for greater road safety Powerful and long-lasting additional LED spotlight for safe driving pleasure Unlit roads and rural roads also always mean an increased risk of traffic accidents. The LEDriving® Lightbar SX300-SP additional LED spotlight not only brings more light into the darkness, but also improves road safety. The approved LED additional spotlight for the road is equipped with twelve high-power LEDs, providing the driver with a much better view. Perception for oncoming traffic is also improved. The searchlight therefore pays extra attention to the aspect of road safety. The driver can detect obstacles or potential dangerous objects in the distance at an early stage thanks to the range of the additional headlight for the car. With an illuminance of one lux, the light beam range is 270 meters of illumination with a beam angle of 8 degrees. The intelligent reflector design of the LED spotlight provides for an extremely high optical efficiency with a homogeneous light distribution. Thus, the oncoming traffic is blinded less strongly by the 2600 lumen strong LED light. In addition to the high light output and increased road safety, the searchlight also has optical advantages. It also gives the vehicle a better and unique off-road look. Robustness and durability in on- and off-road use Strong vibrations and stressful weather conditions present a high challenge for the material. For more durability, the additional LED spotlight is therefore processed with a stable polycarbonate lens to meet the most difficult requirements. Even at extreme temperatures from -30 to 60 degrees Celsius, the LEDriving® Lightbar SX300-SP LED additional spotlight works reliably. This makes it the ideal companion, especially for off-road applications. The integrated driver and heat management system protects the high-performance LEDs from possible overheating. The over and under voltage protection also prevents the specified current from being exceeded over a specified time. Thanks to the compact mounting dimensions of the LED additional headlight it can be used in a multifunctional way. Not only four-wheel drive and off-road vehicles, but also utility and construction vehicles benefit from the improved light output of the LED additional headlight.

350 x 63.5 x 50 mm

5 year warranty

DT connector


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