Intellitec battery guard 3000

Intellitec battery guard 3000
Brand: Intellitec
Product Code: 3000.24V
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The programmability allows an almost infinite ammount of functionality in the one system, the Graphical User Interface ( GUI ) is extremely simple to use and has many very useful features designed in. As well as providing programable low voltage diconnect to prevent a dead battery, the system also acts as a manual isolator and Programmable split charging across chassis and auxillary batteries. With new battery technology in the market place now, this is a very useful feature indeed as the chemistries are very different within this new technology. Battery Guard 3000 is now installed to 100% of the UK Fire & Rescue Fleet, as well as Ryder PLC, National Blood, Many Australian Fire & Defence fleets, UK Ambulance Fleets besides many many more. The Battery Guard 3000 is available in both 12V & 24V and in 100A & 200A versions. We normally stock the 100 Amp 24v version listed here but the 12v and 200 Amp versions are readily available. Please call for up to date pricing and delivery time.

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