What's the difference between halogen, xenon and LED light bars and beacons? What one should I buy?:

LED's are the most expensive but they are the brightest and have the longest warranties. Redtronic for example use a dimming function on their light bars so they don't dazzle a vehicle you may be escorting at night. They use a lot less power so can be left on when a vehicles engine is off without fear of running the battery down for some time and usually have selectable flash patterns. LED light bars are usually very low profile with clear lenses for a more covert look. LED's are the most reliable but the whole light unit has to be returned to the supplier for repair if damaged or a warranty inspection is required.
Xenon strobe units a very bright and have no moving parts. They are cheaper than LED's and consume less power than a Halogen light but more than LED's. They are very resistant to vibration and often used on plant equipment and tend to be a bit more reliable than rotators due to no moving parts. Active xenon strobes can sometimes interfere with laser equipment and radios however.
Halogen rotators are the cheapest but still provide a good light and work well in bright light conditions that some cheaper strobe & LED's might struggle with. Some light bars have extra mirrors in them to reflect the light and provide and extra light source. Rotators can usually be supplied with cheap spares in most cases if damaged.

What do I need to fit a light bar or a couple of beacons?:

For Halogen rotators allow for 5 amps at 12volts for each rotator plus a bit more if the bar has an illuminated centre section or extra lighting fitted. Xenons aren't as power hungry but sticking to the same 5 amp rule is sensible as some xenon bulbs can be very powerful. LED bars and beacons draw very little power sometimes as low as 0.5 amps!! Usually we recommend a switch of your choice plus at least 4 pin 30 amp relay to take the load off the switch. If you think the light bar will require more always err on the safe side. Sometimes running a 70 amp relay is sensible if you are planning to run more lights of the same switch in the future (like grill or work lights). LED light bars can usually be run straight to the switch. Our round rocker Ripca switches are rated at 16 amps so there's no need for a relay with an LED bar.
If you are in any doubt as to what you are doing regarding install we always recommend getting a local qualified auto electrician to install it for you. The most common reason for warranty refusal from a manufacturer is incorrect fitment. Makes sure any wire joins are made waterproof.

Can I buy blue flashing lights?

Yes, you can but its illegal to have blue lights without permission. Check with the local Police in your area to ensure you have the correct dispensation for running blue lights before buying them.

I need something that looks similar to what you keep. Do you think you can get it for me?:

Yes. If you would like us to source something not displayed on our site please don't hesitate to contact us. We regularly track down those hard to find items for customers and usually come up with the goods. One caveat to that is we are commercial vehicle part specialist and don't really deal with car suspension, braking, engine or body parts but we can get almost everything else especially electrical items.
If there's something you want us to source please send us an email with a picture of the items and a list of any info you may have on it plus what its fitted to and what it does if it isn't an original part. We'll get back to you the same day during opening hours.

What does this BSI logo thing on your site mean?:

This means we are BSI registered and run a stringent quality assurance routine on all our services. Some customers require a BSI accredited supplier. Ultimately it means we constantly check our services like delivery, stock control and ordering to provide the best service we can. We also are constantly improving our service to meat the needs of our customers. If you have an quality assurance related requests or require more information please email us.

Do you use registration numbers for cross reference purposes?:

On some parts like Hella or Valeo products for instance but we are primarily aftermarket parts sellers and much of our products range doesn't have a set application. If you require something very specific we'll probably need to know the following: size in millimetres of the item, any numbers on it, what make you think it might be and make and model of the vehicle. If in doubt email us a picture. We rely on product knowledge and good old fashioned catalogues for the majority of our enquiries.

Can I collect from one of your stores?

Yes, of course. If you wish to collect your order from our Glasgow branch please call allowing plenty of time so its ready for collection. You will obviously not be charged carriage for collecting items from our stores. 

Can you deliver to me same day as I'm local ?:

Yes if we have the item in stock, but with the following caveats: Our morning delivery cut off is 9:30am. Our afternoon cut off is 1:30pm. Any orders placed after 1:30pm will usually not be delivered until the next working day. We may be able to call our driver back to rearrange his run for you if its urgent. Please phone if you are in any doubt. We also only deliver to business addresses not to private house/flat addresses.

I can buy some of these item cheaper online elsewhere. Why should I buy them from you?

 We are primarily a distributor and set up to supply large quantities at items with break quantity discount. We are also a bricks and mortars store with a full compliment of highly trained staff. BSI accreditation ensures the best level of service and is audited weekly and monitored daily for quality compliance. We can readily provide technical advice, full warranty support, credit accounts for trade customers, van delivery and a face and name of someone you can trust and develop a good working relationship with.  We are a small family run business, rather than a faceless online company, with over 65 years in the business. We strive to ensure you receive your goods as quickly as possible as we understand how deadlines and last minute work is part of the trade we're in. We regualrly do market research on our products and do our best to keep prices low and it many cases we are the cheapest avaialble for lots of different products.

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