Air Hose with Fittings

At Stanley R Harris we offer a variety of air hoses with fittings to be used for compressed air applications. Air hoses are used in many workshops for power tools that use compressed air such as sanders, paint guns and nail guns. They can be used alongside a compressor or compressed gas cylinders. Cylinders would be used for more portable applications such as inflation and delivering oxygen.  Our air hose is also sold by the metre without ends which is available on request by calling 0141 429 3141.

Air hoses are flexible and allow the operator to work freely and fit in and around most workspaces with ease. Coiled air hoses are usually stored in retractable wall mounted reels which also makes them easy to store and access. This is ideal for small and large garages or workshops to help maximise space and organise equipment effectively.

Key Features:

·         Easy to cut to length

·         Air hose fittings included (unless sold by the metre)

·         Flexible and compact

·         Can be stored easily and safely in reels

·         Available in a range of sizes allowing varying operating pressures

·         Can work with both air compressors and compressed gas canisters

 Just select the air hose and quantities required then click ‘Add to Cart’ to begin processing your order.

If you require a more bespoke air hose length, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0141 429 3141 and we can advise you of our custom air hose options.

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