Welcome to the premier source of fuel equipment. We cover a comprehensive range of fuel equipment, along with a comprehensive range of related products for industrial and other applications. Our fuel products are suitable for use in most vehicle and industrial applications and offers reliability when it comes to changing your old fuel equipment.

Our state-of-the-art fuel equipment is designed as per the capacity of various machinery and their requirements, ensuring both durability while being used in various applications. Our Facet fuel pump fittings is available in both elbow and straight options. Other auto electrical products in our catalogue include the 24v Facet fuel pump, which is designed for a maximum flow rate of no less than 25 gallons per hour.

If you are looking to replace your old fuel equipment then Stanley R. Harris, the leading supplier of electrical gear and tools should be your one-stop shop to getting the best quality electrical products your machinery deserves.

Our high quality fuel and heater equipment includes Gates high quality multi fuel rubber reinforced hose and fittings, Facet fuel pumps, transfer pumps and even jerry cans. For the complete list of electrical tools and machinery explore our sidebar menu.

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