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How to Know Your Vehicle is Equipped for Anything

How to Know Your Vehicle is Equipped for Anything

Have you ever heard about Murphy’s Law? Well if you haven’t, you have probably experienced it first hand – it states that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong, and usually at the worst time possible. This is what created a saying: “better safe than sorry”, and this is especially important when it comes to your safety, especially in traffic. This is why it is essential to regularly check your car and make sure that everything is in order, from the engine to the tires, and this is an absolute must before going on a long trip.

First Things First: Equipment

Cars get broken all the time, and flat tires are a common occurrence, but you really do not want this to happen to you while you are driving. This is why you always need to have a spare tire and never remove it from your truck, no matter how much space you need for your luggage. This is not only a smart thing to do, but it is also a regulation required by law. Your job does not end there, as simple replacement tire will not be enough, some other equipment is required to be in your car at your disposal at all times.

Reflective triangles and vests are important, and their job is to notify oncoming vehicles that there is danger ahead and that they should slow down and drive safely. Reflective vest should be worn as soon as you exit the car, and this is why it needs to be nearby, preferably in the glove compartment, and the safety triangle should be placed at a safe distance prescribed by law. When it comes to other specific tools, it would be a good idea to have:

●     LifeHammer – this tool can really save your life in some kind of an accident occurs. It can help you escape overturned vehicle or vehicle with stuck doors, since it can cut through jammed seat belts and even break car windows.  While it is extremely situational, this tool can come in handy when you least expect it.

●     Multi-Drive Wrench – having a wrench of every size is another good idea, but having a single tool that has removable extensions, allowing you to set its size as you see feet is an even better one! Most versions come in different sizes and styles and can adapt to many nuts and bolts and replace over 20 tools.

●     Tow strap – you never know if you might need a tow, so a strap is always good to have. There are some newer versions made out of durable plastics, meaning they weigh less but can still pull the same amount as a regular cable.

●     Flashlight, pliers, some extra oil and some duct tape are also things that must find a way in your truck. It might seem like a lot, but you never know when you might truly need them, and it would be better if you have them lying around. An additional pair of pants won't save your life, but some of these tools might.

The Importance of First-Aid Kit

The same way your car might need some help, so might you, and if that happens – a health kit can save the day. You are obligated by law to have this in your vehicle; the contents vary from state to state, but they mostly revolve around similar things. A variety of bandages, scissors, gloves, duct tape and a bunch of other things that can be found there need to be used carefully, so it would be best to go through a first aid training or at least read the first aid manual. Band aids can stop smaller bleedings, gauze can cover open wounds and scissors can be useful anytime – all this is done to prevent further threat to human lives until proper doctors arrive. This is extremely important, as this can save your, or someone else, life. If you see that someone else needs help, safely pull your car over and offer your assistance, but worry about your safety as well and make sure that all the safety regulations such as triangles and vests are in place. Whatever you do, have a mobile phone nearby, call emergency services and wait. Sometimes, it is best to leave things to professionals. Have a safe trip!

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