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7 Things To Consider When Buying A Used Truck

7 Things To Consider When Buying A Used Truck

Buying a brand new truck can place a lot of strain on anyone’s budget, especially if you want to buy more than one for the purpose of starting your own line of work. Many professions nowadays use trucks as the main mean of transporting goods, and since these trucks are constantly on the road, they need to be in a good shape.

Truck drivers are fully aware that regardless of the initial shape and maintenance, truck parts wear down eventually. This is why you need to be extra careful when buying used trucks, and test them appropriately before ascertaining their real value. Here are a couple of things to look out for when buying a used truck.

Types of parts 

The best way to categorize truck parts is to divide them into six broad types: engine, along with its components, lights, steering, cooling and air condition, windows and wipers. Clearly, the most important parts are those from the engine category, and they include transmission assemblies and engine assemblies, the piston, the accessory belt, and of course the crankshaft. Next category is air conditioning and heating, which consists of air cleaners, condensers, evaporators, fan clutches, radiators, cooling fans.

These are basically the parts of any system intended for cooling and heating. Rear lights, parking lights, light that illuminates the engine bay, the fog lamp, the truck’s registration and the tail lamp are all the items in the lights category. Wheels, the steering column and spokes are included in the steering system, and windshield, window seals and wipers are all the parts of windows category.

Always check the condition of these parts when you intend to purchase a lorry. Pay attention if the seller omitted something, and try to lower the price if you notice some irregularities. Luckily, not all of the parts are expensive, but you can easily use their condition as a bargaining chip while negotiating the price, and replace them after the purchase if truly needed. Furthermore, when looking for replacement parts, pay special attention to compatibility, in other words, find the parts that can go with the model’s number.  

The importance of model  

When selecting a used truck, make sure that it is the one for which the parts can be easily found and replaced. Brand is of crucial importance here, because if you buy an older model, only parts available on the market may be used parts. Thus even if the truck is in a relatively good condition, the fact that once it starts to malfunction you won’t be able to repair it, is a deal breaker. Ford trucks are among those that have easily obtainable parts, and the 1959 Chevrolet Fleetside is renowned for its outstanding performance. 

1958 Chevolet

Examine the instrument panel

The first thing to inspect before buying a used truck is its instrument panel. This means that you should check the lights, heating and air conditioning system, wipers, windscreen, gauges and, lastly, radio. Make an assessment if all the mentioned parts are working properly. If not, calculate how much money the repairs would cost. Very often, the instrument panel is modified for the purpose of boosting the price of the product. This may be a bad thing since new audio system can potentially hinder the performance of the vehicle, in other words, do not allow them to scam you.

Truck Instrument Panel

Check for rust and irregularities

There are areas which are more prone to rusting than the others, and I am referring to wheel wells here. However, considering that the truck is used, you can’t be too picky, in other words, brace yourself for some rust. Check if the badges and emblems are properly intact, and if the floor pans don’t have signs of rust on them. Furthermore, if you notice that the floorboard or body panels have been fully welded, you can rest assure the vehicle in question has been clipped. Waves and twists on the body indicate one thing, the truck was in the accident at one point. Look for straight and smooth seams between the bonnet and doors.

Check for leaks     

Engine condition is to be thoroughly evaluated, if you notice surging or rough idling, these are the indicators of either a run down carburettor, or a vacuum leak. The underside, the floor, the water pump and the head gasket should undergo close scrutiny, for they can uncover if there is a leak problem with the truck. It goes without saying that you should avoid trucks with leaking problems.

Buying replacement parts 

Let us not forget that we are talking about a used truck here, and if you are to restore it to close its peak condition, you will need to purchase some parts. However, original components inside the truck are tricky to replace, so before buying, the condition of these components should have a vital influence on your decision. Luckily, you can find a lot information online concerning the truck parts that you need, and how to make a sound judgment before purchasing these items.

Research the needed parts  

Even an inexperienced customer is likely to update his or her knowledge base with proper online research. Moreover, when you shop for the items online, you can always look for customers reviews to help you during your decision making process, and some of these reviews are really thorough, offering a meticulous analysis of the parts in question. You can even get recommendations for suitable replacements that may prove to be better than your initial idea. Do not forget to go through the description section of the part when looking for it online, considering it should contain relevant information.

Used truck parts

To conclude, trucks are truly expensive machines, and they have so many parts that it is difficult to properly inspect them individually. Consult with experts, and see if they can come along to provide you with an adequate appraisal of the vehicle. Additionally, make yourself informed about the average prices of the truck parts, so even when you are buying a used truck, with proper calculation, you can see if it is a judicious investment, and most importantly, you can even find the needed parts on the market.


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