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UK Roads and The Commercial Crisis [Infographic]

UK roads are considered one of the safest in the world. But still, accidents are increasing over the years, especially since 2015 where the number of deaths have increased by 6%. The UK sees a number of deaths each year. Though the government has put various rules and laws in place to check the increasing number of accidents, the figures seem to have increased over the last few years.

Some of the top causes of road casualties in the UK include losing control, drunk driving, being careless or reckless, misjudgement and failing to look properly. And one of the biggest causes of road accidents is due to mechanical failures so it’s important to carry out regular maintenance tasks. Some regular maintenance checks to concentrate on are fluid checks, the battery status, oil changes, tyre pressure and the back and front lights.

Check osut the below infographic to see just how aware you should be when it comes to road safety, some shocking facts about UK roads and the commercial crisis, as well as some advice for regular car maintenance.

If you like the infographic, please feel free to share the image on your own site, simply linking back to Stanley R Harris. Thanks!

Posted by Mark Harris
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