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The Top 5 Characteristics Of HGV Drving Jobs And Drivers

So what exactly does HGV mean? HGV stands for Heavy Goods Vehicle. You may have heard them referred to as LGVs (Large Goods Vehicles).

Heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers play a crucial role in global trade. They shoulder the responsibility of connecting retailers, manufacturers and transport dependant industries. As much as we may want to credit container ships and cargo aircrafts for bringing our needed items from overseas, we shouldn’t forget how these items make it to port in the first place.  Without HGV drivers moving our everyday goods in large containers, supermarkets would be empty, small businesses couldn’t be supplied with materials, and hospitals wouldn’t receive necessary equipment when they are needed. 

HGV drivers are the engine that keeps the economy moving. And aside from the benefits society enjoys from this logistical function, driving also adds millions of jobs to the U.K. It is estimated that there over a million and a half workers employed in the transport sector of Great Britain. We thought it was about time someone told you a few interesting details about these important individuals. This article will go over 5 characteristics of HGV drivers and their jobs.



1. HGV Drivers Are Resourceful


What happens when you have a problem at work? You get help. There is usually someone nearby who you can depend on to lend a hand. But what if your work is a large goods vehicle and suddenly you hare having engine trouble many kilometres away from the nearest mechanic? Might pose a serious problem, yet you hardly hear delivery excuses at the grocery store. Why? Because HGV drivers are resourceful. They learn how to spot technical issues before they become a problem.

The engine starts rumbling, they probably have an idea of what’s going on. They adapt to their responsibilities by becoming handier, fixing manageable problems without affecting delivery times. Although they typically travel long distanced by themselves, HGV drivers are often able to meet emergencies with the appropriate solutions.

HGV drivers also have to manage unpredictable weather or traffic conditions.  You will find that many individuals who take up driving jobs are geographically oriented and spacially aware. Where some of us would get lost without a GPS, HGV drivers can usually put together a more efficient route if they face unanticipated obstacles. All of these qualities point to a reliable group of professionals who understand the accountability needed to perform their duties.



2. HGV Drivers  are Friendly but Don’t Mind Being Alone


A key characteristic of HGV drivers is self-dependence.

Though HGV drivers can’t be generalized as introverts, they tend to be strong enough to go a few hours without direct human interaction.  Outside of those they may encounter during pit stops or drops, drivers may spend days without the same interactions most of us take for granted. So if constant chatter is something that you are looking for in a career, HGV driving jobs may not be for you.

Still, many companies will require strong interpersonal skills as a requirement for those applying to driving jobs. Although, drivers will spend most hours alone, they will eventually be making a delivery and they will have to interact with workers from other companies. Businesses who hire HGV drivers have to be careful that their employees are appropriately reflecting the values of their brand. Thus you will find that though HGV drivers don’t mind the relative isolation, they express themselves well when needed.

They are courteous as they help with the loading and unloading of various items. They have great people skills but also an appreciation of the open road. Travelling from city to city, meeting new people can be a rewarding experience. Especially if you consider the trade-offs, office politics and micromanaging supervisors. In an HGV vehicle, it is just a driver, their decisions and their goods.



3. HGV Drivers Are Level Headed


It is an expectation of HGV driving jobs that drivers are poised.

The animosity held against large goods vehicles is apparent on the highway. Smaller cars speed past lorries when they should be slowing down. Private vehicle drivers are generally annoyed if they are stuck behind a line of trucks. HGV drivers know this experience well but they also know HGV driving jobs are not for people with road rage.

If you can erase the fictional narrative of horn honking truck driver from your favourite Hollywood movies, you may better understand the personality of your typical HGV driver. HGV driving requires an individual who doesn’t panic easily. The expectation comes from the nature of a job where one person may be transporting tonnes of flammable freight, on a vehicle that is ten times the size of other vehicles on the highway. 

Plus, HGV drivers have to focus on their tasks for long periods at a time, demanding a high level  of concentration. They have to be patient on the road, they can’t react like the rest of us might when faced with a challenging situations. They can’t speed up to cut off rude drivers, they are constantly aware of the danger they can put others in if they are not being professional.



4. HGV Drivers Learn how to Be Away From Home


For many of us, heading home after a long days work is the gift that keeps on giving. We get to sit in our sofa, have a warm meal and reflect on the day’s work. But HGV drivers, on the other hand, quite frequently find themselves on the road. Some have to travel internationally, causing them to be away from their homes for weeks at a time.

This is not to say that every HGV driver has to travel far away from their residence, quite the contrary. There are some driving jobs in which routes are contained locally. But even so, it is worth taking the time to appreciate those who deal with the stress of being away from their families. They understand the implications of their job and they are able to keep their circumstances in perspective. They find room for quality time and take advantage of it when they can.



5. HGV Drivers Are Responsible


As an occupation which prides itself in professionalism, driving jobs are diligently filled with responsible people.  Not just any 18 year old with an itch for the wheel can get a driving job. Firstly drivers need to have a clean driving record, showing a consideration of other motorists and driving regulations. This is also a practical matter since it is cheaper to insure a driver who is unlikely to get into an accident with valuable or dangerous cargo.

HGV drivers also have to drive responsibly by taking proper care of themselves, taking smart rests. Driving for hours can be draining for the average person, imagine doing it every day for months. At some point you will probably get tired. But HGV drivers are alert, understanding that their mistake could serious injure someone else.

People often underestimate the work involved with vehicle fright delivery by assuming that it only involves getting into a truck and driving to a destination. However there are a few crucial duties to be carried out as per varying HGV driving jobs.

Many drivers are expected to plan delivery schedules and routes with their respective managers. They maintain logs, securing and tracking valuable items. They inspect their vehicles and take ownership of problems.  They stay updated on traffic regulations and have to be punctual when delivering to customers.

With all of these five characteristics listed, it seems there is more than meets the eye pertaining to HGV driving jobs . But if these traits describe you, keep us in mind when you embark on your incredible career.  Stanley-R-Harris is the trusted source for commercial vehicle equipment. We appreciate our HGV drivers because we understand them. 

Posted by Mark Harris
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