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Sarge's Car Blog
        Welcome to our website. This section will be dedicated to our customers and their work using the products we sell here on the site and in our store. Not only do.. Read More
Hello and welcome to the first in a series of blogs from a very good customer of ours. Allan has been dealing with us for a long time and builds replica American police vehicles to an insanely hi.. Read More
        Lots of products up on the site this month, Here's a summary for those that don't use our Facebook page. Hella Mining: Mostly work lights with a power socket.. Read More
  Hello again and welcome back to the Sarge's Blog.     &nbs.. Read More
  Hello troops and welcome back to 'The Sarge's Blog'!                 We're going to continue with the build of the 2003 Ford P.. Read More
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Mark Harris

August products and news
        Lots of products up on the site this month, Here's a summary for those that don't use our Facebook page. Hella Mining: Mostly work lights with a power socket normally found on heavy plant vehicles and a padlockable battery master switch. The LED worklights are on a whole other level in terms of brightness comapred to the run of the mill stuff plus they are as tough as old boots thanks to the IP6K9K ratings. We may have found something other than cockroaches that'll survive a nuclear war. Also from Hella was a small expansion on our range of driving..
September products and news
        The website expansion continued this month with some new products lines as well as additions to existing ones. We added some new Peterson lamps in the form of rear LED combination trailer lamps and LED worklights. The air fittings were expanded to include air brake specifc SIRIT fittings. These are permanent single use brass fittings which are heavy duty and meant to last. Far more reliable than the re-usable type. They have a modular design for solid T's or swivel assemblies. Most of the work was behind the scenes in September but we have ..
        Welcome to our website. This section will be dedicated to our customers and their work using the products we sell here on the site and in our store. Not only does it give our customers a better idea of what we do beyond products available on the site but its free advertising for you the customer on our blog. Facebook and Twitter feeds. If you're an exisiting customer and have a new project or fancy new show vehicle you want to share please get in touch via email to submit your entry. Whether its your prize winning truck show vehicle or an example of the ..
The Ultimate Guide for New & Young Drivers

Your friends at Stanley Harris have put together a complete guide for individuals who are new to the responsibility of driving. We cover just about everything you'd want to cover as you become familiar with the road and your vehicle.  

Is Your Job Putting Your Health at Risk?

Considering that the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime, the damage many workplaces do to the physical and mental health of their employees is concerning.

Some occupations cause employees to develop unhealthy lifestyles and habits, such as working regular night shifts and eating a diet low in nutritional value. In other work places, employees are regularly exposed to harmful chemicals and bacteria for long periods of time on a daily basis. Whilst these things might not initially sound too serious, the cumulative effect is truly shocking.

Top Ten Most Fascinating and Practical Driving Jobs
  Millions of jobs all over the world are made possible by varying vehicles. On the typical commute home, one can expect to come across the mailman who drives around a delivery van. The sanitation worker might stop by your house to scoop up your garbage into his truck. And along the highway, you'll likely be sharing the road with Dry Van drivers.   The transportation sector alone serves as the backbone of many industrialised societies.   Your friends at Stanley Harris decided to put together of interesting and practical driving job for those who feel comfortable ..
The Infographic Guide To Auto Warning Lights
Have you ever been caught in the situation where you are enjoying a drive, then suddenly a symbol you have never seen before is lit up on your dashboard? The natural reaction is worry. But these auto signals should be reassuring. A warning signal means you have a chance to fix an issue before it becomes a serious problem. However quite often we allow these minor mechanical concerns to become bigger than they need to be. Good thing knowledge is power! That is why we decide to help our drivers learn about the auto warnings signals in their vehicles. By knowing what these symbols mean, you ca..
45 Wonderful Quotes about the Joy of Driving
​   Driving is one of those privileges most people can admit to looking forward to from a young age. As teeneagers we anticipate getting behind the wheel of a car. We see ourselves finally free to explore beyond our homes and familiar places. We value the liberation that a driver’s license signifies. Driving has become a right of passage into adulthood. It is also the source of livelihood for taxi drivers, bus conductors and HGV drivers all over the world.   Whether you enjoy driving as a disconnection or to get from point A to point B, you you can hardly deny the liberat..
The Top 5 Characteristics Of HGV Drving Jobs And Drivers

Though we often drive by them daily, only a few take the time to appreciate the work of HGV drivers. They help keep our economy moving forward by delivering goods to factories, commercial businesses, and stores. That;'s why HGV driving jobs require drivers with more than a clean driving record. Often transporting goods across large distances for major corporations, HGV drivers must be disciplined and professional.  And it's vital that they have a few more qualites which we will share in this article.

UK Roads and The Commercial Crisis [Infographic]
UK roads are considered one of the safest in the world. But still, accidents are increasing over the years, especially since 2015 where the number of deaths have increased by 6%. The UK sees a number of deaths each year. Though the government has put various rules and laws in place to check the increasing number of accidents, the figures seem to have increased over the last few years. Some of the top causes of road casualties in the UK include losing control, drunk driving, being careless or reckless, misjudgement and failing to look properly. And one of the biggest causes of road accidents..
The Complete Guide to Passing Your Driving Test

So, you've finally decided to get on with your driving. You're sick of having to walk from point A to point B or using public trabnsport and it's time to go on your own adventures with your own car and not be reliant on the unreliable public transport that you've struggled with for years. But you're new to all of this, and you've no idea where to start in your mission to start driving. That's why we've put together "The Complete Guide to Passing Your Driving Test".

Learning Your Traffic Signs [Infographic]
If you're new to driving one of the hardest parts has to be your theory test, remembering signals, rules and even what each traffic sign means, all while sitting under test conditions. We understand this struggle, for some it's easy to remember but for others it can take as many as 90 attempts (Take a look at the infographic), so in order to help out struggling drivers, we've created "The Ultimate Guide to Learning Your Traffic Signs", taking a look at some of the more popular traffic signs. ..
10 Facts You Didn't Know About Tesla Motors & Elon Musk
Who is Elon Musk and What is Tesla? Elon Musk is a South African-born Canadian-American business magnate, investor, engineer and inventor. Basically he's a real-life Iron-Man (without the suit... as far as we know). Musk started out his road to stardom in 1995, when he and brother Kimbal started up a web software company known as Zip2. The company developed and marketed an Internet "city guide" for the newspaper industry. The company was acquired by Compaq for around $307 million in cash and $34 million in stock options in 1999, of this Musk received around 7% ($22 million). Usi..
Distracted Driving [Infographic]
One of the main causes of road traffic accidents is distracted driving, this is any activity that can divert a person's attention away from the primary task of driving. Driving can be hard enough without the added distractions, you have everyone on the road to worry about, without worrying what Sarah said in the group chat! Take a look at the stats and you'll believe us!  ..
22 Awesome Apps Every Car Owner Should Install

We all love our cars and there's no doubt we all love our phones! So it's no wonder there are literally thousands of apps for car owners out there. We've decided to put together our "22 Awesome Apps Every Car Owner Should Install" to help you get the nost out of travelling with your vehicle. From the best music apps to finding you a parking space, there's an app for everything.

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