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Sarge's Car Blog
Originally conceived as a notion in 1939, autonomous cars have always been a staple of 'futuristic thinking'. From The Jetsons to iRobot, driverless cars have always been considered more in the realm .. Read More
The future of design, development and manufacturing will inevitably include the exciting technology of 3D printing, especially as there’s an ever-growing market for it. According to the organisation G.. Read More
  We found this video and fell in love with all the ways car parts have been turned into art. This got our creative juices flowing and made us think; how else have auto parts been used in .. Read More
​   Driving is one of those privileges most people can admit to looking forward to from a young age. As teeneagers we anticipate getting behind the wheel of a car. We see ourselves finally .. Read More
Though we often drive by them daily, only a few take the time to appreciate the work of HGV drivers. They help keep our economy moving forward by delivering goods to factories, commercial businesses, .. Read More
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All You Need to Know about Utility Vehicles
Utility vehicles today represent a necessity for a lot of jobs in construction, sports, road maintenance, and even in the army. Given their diversity, their practicality, and their brute force, these cars can become invaluable for any enterprise. We’re here because we know this, and are set to bring our readers a complete rundown of the pros and cons, the do's and do not's, the key things, and the in-betweens of utility vehicles that you need to know. For the sake of easy-reading, we’ve split our guide to utility vehicles into three main parts. In the first section, we’ll be making..
Top 20 Tools Every Man Should Have in His Garage
Owning a complete set of tools as well as seeing the fruits of your labour coming out of your very own hands has always been every guy’s dream. So, if you have your very own working space type of garage, and you’re a do-it-yourself guy and a man’s man, you should definitely start building your man cave and stocking it with all the tools of the trade you’ll be needing throughout a lifetime. Here is a list of the top 20 tools you shouldn’t be caught without in your garage, divided into categories, with a few other useful information and tips in between. So browse through, enjoy the finest of..
Tips to Effectively Expand Your Business and Fleet

The commercial vehicle sector is currently aglow with excitement, coming off the heels of another successful CV Show and news of record breaking demand

7 Things To Consider When Buying A Used Truck
Buying a brand new truck can place a lot of strain on anyone’s budget, especially if you want to buy more than one for the purpose of starting your own line of work. Many professions nowadays use trucks as the main mean of transporting goods, and since these trucks are constantly on the road, they need to be in a good shape. Truck drivers are fully aware that regardless of the initial shape and maintenance, truck parts wear down eventually. This is why you need to be extra careful when buying used trucks, and test them appropriately before ascertaining their real value. Here are a couple of..
Take Care of Your Vehicle: Maintenance Tips

Your vehicle requires constant attention, and this fact is similar to the attention needed by a child. You need to check everything regularly or things can quickly go sideways. So, what are the most important things, when it comes to taking care of your vehicle?

How to Know Your Vehicle is Equipped for Anything
Have you ever heard about Murphy’s Law? Well if you haven’t, you have probably experienced it first hand – it states that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong, and usually at the worst time possible. This is what created a saying: “better safe than sorry”, and this is especially important when it comes to your safety, especially in traffic. This is why it is essential to regularly check your car and make sure that everything is in order, from the engine to the tires, and this is an absolute must before going on a long trip. First Things First: Equipment Cars get broken all th..
September products and news
        The website expansion continued this month with some new products lines as well as additions to existing ones. We added some new Peterson lamps in the form of rear LED combination trailer lamps and LED worklights. The air fittings were expanded to include air brake specifc SIRIT fittings. These are permanent single use brass fittings which are heavy duty and meant to last. Far more reliable than the re-usable type. They have a modular design for solid T's or swivel assemblies. Most of the work was behind the scenes in September but we have ..
The Sarge's Blog Part 3
  Hello troops and welcome back to 'The Sarge's Blog'!                 We're going to continue with the build of the 2003 Ford Police Interceptor. Today we'll look at the build of the centre console and some of the do's and don'ts when loading equipment into the console.       My console will consist of a Panasonic Toughbook laptop with docking station, night light, Motorola two-way radio, Whelen siren with PA, Federal Signal Information Matrix, Whelen Switchbox and Whelen Traf..
The Sarge's Blog Part 2
  Hello again and welcome back to the Sarge's Blog.       So today I'll show you the blank canvas and talk a little bit about wiring.           My car did see service in Texas so fitting the equipment on should not be an issue.   I would however need to establish if the equipment I propo..
August products and news
        Lots of products up on the site this month, Here's a summary for those that don't use our Facebook page. Hella Mining: Mostly work lights with a power socket normally found on heavy plant vehicles and a padlockable battery master switch. The LED worklights are on a whole other level in terms of brightness comapred to the run of the mill stuff plus they are as tough as old boots thanks to the IP6K9K ratings. We may have found something other than cockroaches that'll survive a nuclear war. Also from Hella was a small expansion on our range of driving..
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