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Sarge's Car Blog
The future of design, development and manufacturing will inevitably include the exciting technology of 3D printing, especially as there’s an ever-growing market for it. According to the organisation G.. Read More
  We found this video and fell in love with all the ways car parts have been turned into art. This got our creative juices flowing and made us think; how else have auto parts been used in .. Read More
​   Driving is one of those privileges most people can admit to looking forward to from a young age. As teeneagers we anticipate getting behind the wheel of a car. We see ourselves finally .. Read More
Though we often drive by them daily, only a few take the time to appreciate the work of HGV drivers. They help keep our economy moving forward by delivering goods to factories, commercial businesses, .. Read More
UK roads are considered one of the safest in the world. But still, accidents are increasing over the years, especially since 2015 where the number of deaths have increased by 6%. The UK sees a number .. Read More
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Ecco LED 3 bolt fixing beacon
Ecco Orion beacon, 3 bolt fixing, clear lens flashing amber, 10-100v supply. 147mm X H:106mm ..
£43.78 £35.00
Ecco reverse camera system **REDUCED**
.High resolution 5.6'' flat screen monitor with built in controller, standard colour camera with IR ..
£263.99 £170.00
Ecco reverse sensor kit
This wireless reversing sensor kit is ideal for heavy duty applications and is geared towards instal..
£339.69 £150.00
Federal Signal MicroLED blue flash
MicroLED 12v clear smooth lens & flashes blue. Reduced to clear while stocks last. ..
£64.49 £30.00
Federal Signal MicroLED blue flash 12v (smooth or fluted lens)
MicroLED 12v clear lens flashing blue. Smooth or fluted lens option (fluted is for mounting on a sli..
£55.56 £30.00
Federal Signal MicroLED red flash 12v or 24v (smooth or fluted lens)
MicroLED 12v red lens flashing red. Smooth or fluted lens option (fluted is for mounting on a slight..
£36.26 £20.00
Federal Signal MicroLED red flash clear lens 12 or 24v
MicroLED red flashing with clear lens. 12 or 24v option. Reduced to clear while stocks last. ..
£36.26 £20.00
Hella Mining halogen WL200
LInk to Hella Mining WL200 page •UV resistant polymer body with twist opening on the back for easy ..
£29.83 £26.85
Hella Ultra Beam xenon work light 24v
Includes high performance harness with fuse and relay Fiber-glass reinforced plastic housing IP5..
£289.76 £200.00
LED Autolamps work light
85 series Heavy Duty work lamp with fourteen super bright LEDs and a cast alloy body. Water and sea ..
£144.00 £120.00
LED Autolamps work light
Water/ Sea spray proof round lamp with five super bright LEDs on adjustable bracket. 5 year warranty..
£62.30 £51.12
LED Autolamps work light
Six super bright LEDs with a cast alloy body, equivalent to 50 watts. 5 year warranty. Dual voltage...
£62.30 £41.50
Rigid Industries Adapt light bar (10'' size) EX-DISPLAY
Manual control for light beam only, no GPS module included. Ex-display.   Coming to you Sprin..
£572.71 £495.00
Woodward speed control switch (580-600RPM) GH.2MN
Part number: 127939 ..
£794.00 £585.00
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