Puisi fuel transfer pump kit (12 volts)

Puisi fuel transfer pump kit (12 volts)
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The Piusi Battery Kit DC portable diesel transfer pump is designed as a ready to use mobile refuelling pump solution for diesel dispensing from drums or small tanks to refuel vehicles. These kits, which include a BP 3000 12v fuel transfer pumps, are extremely popular in both agricultural and construction markets for refuelling plant machinery, tractors and other vehicles.

All models of these battery powered Piusi pumps come complete with cable and clips for battery connection, carry handle, manual nozzle, suction/delivery hose and strainer.

~Self-priming BP3000 diesel fuel transfer pump

~Available in 24v on request

~Manual nozzle

~30min duty cycle


 Max Flow (lpm) - 50
 12v or 24v versions
 Hose Size - 3/4" x 4m
 Vertical Ports


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