Ripca Split Charge Relay

Ripca Split Charge Relay
Brand: Ripca
Product Code: BS100
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The Ripca Battery Separator (Split Charge Relay) is designed for use in situations where 2 batteries are used. This charging system is highly adaptable & reliable, working well with battery terminals that serve as an ideal split charge kit in vehicles such as campervans, motorhomes and even boats. 


The microprocessor in the Battery Separator (Split Charge Relay) utilises smart alternators & voltage sensing relays to decide if the 2 battery banks should be connected in parallel, so both batteries & battery terminals will be charged. The Battery Separator (Split Charge Relay) can also be used as Voltage Dependent Switch, featuring a voltage sensitive relay and alternators that reduces voltage drop. This Split Charge Relay switch is rated at 100 Amps and is both 12 or 24 volt compatible, offering a dual battery bank applications. 


Developed by the reliable starter battery, battery charger and split charge kit specialists Ripca, the Ripca Split Charge Relay is just one of the Split Charge Relays available, with heavier duty relays available as battery chargers & charging systems for leisure batteries and more.

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