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Silicone grease aerosol tin.
Excellent insulating properties for electronic control and switchgear in exterior applications. 500m..
Ex Tax: £6.38
Copper grease aerosol tin.
Stable up to 275 degrees C as a grease and 1200 degrees C as a release agent. 500ml tin. ..
Ex Tax: £6.77
Copper grease anti-seize compound.
Anti seize compound. 7.5% copper. -30 to 1100 degrees Celcius temperature range. ..
Ex Tax: £7.40
Food safe aerosol lube.
Based on edible soya bean oil. For food preperation and packing machinery. Water resistant. Nut and ..
Ex Tax: £6.30
Clear grease aerosol tin.
Silicone free grease. Clear for low visibility. 500ml tin. ..
Ex Tax: £5.62
White grease with PTFE aerosol tin.
Universal grease. Silicone free. Anti water wash out properties. Anti corrosive. 500ml aerosol tin. ..
Ex Tax: £5.53
Chain and cable lube aerosol tin.
For heavyweight drive chains e.g forklift truck masts and motorcycle chains. Anti fling formula. 500..
Ex Tax: £5.87
Polythene funnel with flexible spout.
150mm diameter funnel with flexible spout and filter. ..
Ex Tax: £8.70
Polythene rectangular funnel.
Polythene with stainless steel filter. 300mm long. ..
Ex Tax: £10.60
SAS Brake cleaner aerosol tin.
Cleans brake and clutch parts without dismantling. ..
Ex Tax: £4.78
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