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Durite coloured LED light up switch
12 or 24 volts. On/off single pole plastic rocker switch. 4.8mm blade terminals. Snap fits into 20mm..£4.10
Ex Tax: £3.42
Durite horn switch
Push button momentary switch. 22mm panel mount size up to 8mm thick. 12.5 Amps rating @12v. ..£4.81
Ex Tax: £4.01
Durite metal toggle switch. ON/OFF
single pole on/off switch. 10 Amps @ 28v rating. 6.3mm blade terminals. 13mm panel hole mounting. Ot..£6.88
Ex Tax: £5.73
Ecco Britax SWF style rocker switch. Various configurations
SWF style switches available in lots of different types with many different symbol options. Please p..£0.00
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Red push button switch
Red push button non latching switch. Suitable for 25mm panel hole. ..£2.34
Ex Tax: £1.95
Ripca heavy duty toggle switch
Heavy duty double pole toggle switch rated at 230V/15A. Ideal for heavy use in commerical vehi..£10.24
Ex Tax: £8.53
Ripca metal push button switch
Push button momentary switch. 19mm panel mount.6 Amps rating @12v. ..£5.46
Ex Tax: £4.55
Ripca switch panel
Switch panel complete / 1x E895 switch with cover / 1x E599 starter button / E101NR warning red ligh..£17.08
Ex Tax: £14.23
Telemechanique range
We stock a wide range of switch gear from Telemechanique. Due to the massive range and modular desig..£0.00
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