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LED lights are all the rage these days, especially when it comes to vehicle interior lighting. LED technology can transform an ordinary vehicle into a stylish machine. At Stanley R. Harris, we offer our customers only the best when it comes to vehicle interior lighting. Our inventory contains a wide range of top quality vehicle interior lighting, which also includes the Labcraft Frigo LED interior lights, to give your vehicle a pleasant and refreshing look.

Our LED lighting for cars is refreshing, attractive and pleasant, and has an appealing contemporary touch. Whether, male or female, young or old, the stylish interior lighting we provide for your vehicle gives a warm subdued light, which only adds to the feel-good factor, when it comes to a sense of harmony in a vehicle’s interior. And that’s not all, having a wide range of different designs, you can find the LED vehicle interior lighting for almost any car, truck and so on.

Stanley R. Harris offers the LED lighting that only adds to the modern luxury that people seek to feel at home in their car. Along with improving the appearance of a vehicle, our robust LED lighting offers high performance and can be mounted anywhere in your car.

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Peterson 423 LED interior light
8 LEDs. Surface mounting. 12 & 24v compatible. Low current draw. ..£19.80
Stedall 574-1 LED interior light
Recessed body design.18 white superbright LEDs. Low current draw (200mA @ 12v). 75x25x20mm. 60mm hol..£17.90
Stedall LED zone light
VSWD LED interior strip light
10-30v 2 year warranty Aluminium & polycarbonate PIR & Switch versions available on reque..£0.00
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