Reversing Aids & Horns

A working car horn is a basic requirement of any vehicle and while in some countries they are used more routinely then others, it is clear to see the importance of having a working car horn whenever you need it. For instance, it is an almost regular occurrence that pedestrians or other vehicles simply do not see you. In these, scenarios, having a robust and working car horn can alert the other person of your presence and prevent any accidents.

While every car might come with its own horn built-in, most of the reversing aids and horns that will afford you the best security will most certainly have to be bought and fitted separately. Stanley R. Harris offers a wide variety of high quality reversing aids and horns for almost every commercial vehicle make and model. Our premium brands also include some of the world’s most famous names, such as the Bosch 12v horn, which is very loud, durable and worth every penny of its price.

Now, you are able to not only get the best in American Technology, but can also purchase the best that Europe has to offer as well. Our inventory also features Europe’s best selling and fully sealed reverse alarm along with its own universal bracket, 1 meter cable fitted and a two-year product warranty.

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