Seatbelts are a common safety feature in all modern vehicles. It keeps the drive safe and out of harm’s way while in an accident. But the seatbelts of a commercial vehicle may vary as newer models are released, which is why you need to find the right seatbelt that will fit, click and work, and most important of all, guaranteed to serve its purpose in an emergency.

This is where Stanley R. Harris comes in. We offer only the highest quality seatbelts in the market at the best prices. Our seatbelts are ideal for those who otherwise find it hard to buckle their seat belts, due to certain limitations, such as, being plus-size, police officers who wear bulky utility belts, and people with limited, range of motion and mobility.

All of the retractable and non-retractable seatbelts which are available in our inventory are performance approved to make sure that you remain safe while driving your vehicle. Our inventory includes a wide range of seatbelts which can be used for racing, off-road, in golf carts, buses, tractors, and any kind of heavy machinery. We cater to the various styles of our clients, so you can rest assure that you will find the colour, style, length and size that you are looking for. Apart from the many generic seat belt systems that we have in our inventory, we also offer the Securon line of premium quality seatbelts that ensure your family’s safety and wellbeing while on the road.

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Green beacon and switched seatbelt kit
Comprises: VSWD green flexi pole mount LED beacon (209G). Securon 2220/15EL switched seat belt. B..£65.58
Ex Tax: £54.65
Seat belts
If you require a seat belt for a specific application or can't find what you see here please phone...£0.00
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Securon Hi-vis retractable lap seat belt with switch
High visibility orange retractable lap belt with integrated switch. ..£38.80
Ex Tax: £32.33
Securon Lap seat belt
Static lap belt. ..£26.40
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Securon Lap seat belt retractable
Retractable lap belt. ..£24.80
Ex Tax: £20.67
Securon Lap seat belt with switch
Lap belt with switch integrated into the socket. ..£31.32
Ex Tax: £26.10
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