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1/2" drive 250mm long master bar.
250mm long flexible handle master bar. Lifetime warranty. ..£33.55
Bar handle for 1" drive head.
Bar handle for 1/2" drive ratchet head. Lifetime warranty...£38.04
Bar handle for 3/4 drive ratchet head.
Bar handle for 3/4" drive ratchet head. Lifetime warranty...£23.07
Bi-Hex 1/2" drive socket. Deep.
83mm long bi-hex steel, chrome plated socket. Lifetime warranty...£0.00
Bi-Hex 1/2" drive socket. Standard length.
38mm long bi-hex stell, chrome plated socket. Lifetime warranty...£0.00
Black cable ties 300x4.8mm
4.8mm wide black cable ties. Pack of 100. Bulk special prices available. Please phone for details. ..£3.20
Black cable ties 370x7.6mm
7.6mm wide white cable ties. Pack of 100. Bulk special prices available. Please phone for details...£6.28
Black insulating tape
Black insulating tape. 1 roll. ..£0.74
Blade fuse holder pre wired covered (pk10)
Maxi blade fuse holder. Pre wired and fuse housed in rubber water resistant housing. Pack of ..£24.50
Blade fuse holder spade type (pk10)
Standard blade fuse holder. Clip several together or use individually. Spade connectors fitted. P..£4.70
Carolus 1/2" ratchet
Carolus Slim Sixty 1/2" drive ratchet. Reversible lever change. 60 teeth ratchet. 280mm long. Co..£27.05
Carolus 1/2" socket set 32 pc.
Carolus Slim Sixty 32 pc, 1/2" drive socket set. Comprising: SLIM SIXTY Ratchet 1/2": 60 teeth, le..£105.00
Carolus 3/8" socket set 12 pc.
Contents: SLIM SIXTY Ratchet 3/8": 60 teeth, lever change, push-button release, slim head Sockets he..£45.50
Digital tachograph paper 3 rolls per pack
The paper is fully EC approved to fit every available digital tachograph on the market: e1 84 Siemen..£4.17
Electrical cleaner
Removes carbon, oil and tar from electrical contacts and components. Spray 500ml aerosol tin. ..£4.57
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