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The complete Lucas Oil Products range plus lubes, oils and additives - Lubricating products, such as grease, lubes and additives are manufactured for use in automotive, industrial and commercial applications where many individual components work together in performing a certain task. Adding high quality lubes, additives and greases to the mix only helps reduce complexity while maintaining high performance.

To help protect fleets and improve machinery performance Stanley R. Harris offers a whole range of products, such as, lubes, additives and greases which improves performance and add years on your machinery. The company has long been a leader in distributing only the best performance enhancing products and tools that are needed to keep important machinery running.

Escalating demands of today’s grease, lubes and additives applications calls for finding the best products for the job. Along with providing the complete Lucas Oil Products range plus lubes, oils and additives to keep vehicles and heavy machinery running, we also look towards other cost effective friction modifiers which can enhance performance, while reducing cost, complexity and certain quality concerns. By investigating the fundamentals of wear and tear, we are in a position of finding the most novel lubes, grease and additives, and then including them to our complete and globally-recognized portfolio. 

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Electrical cleaner
Removes carbon, oil and tar from electrical contacts and components. Spray 500ml aerosol tin. ..£4.57
Lucas Oil Products Complete Engine Treatment
Lucas Complete Engine Treatment is a unique formulation that cleans and lubricates multiple systems ..£7.27
Lucas Oil Products Oil stabilizer (946ml)
Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is the number one heavy duty and high performance oil supplement. It..£16.19
Lucas Oil Products Oil stabilizer (3.785 litres)
Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is the number one heavy duty and high performance oil supplement. It..£49.68
Lucas Oil Products Engine oil stop leak (1 litre)
Leaking engines are usually older engines. Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak is not only a leak stopper but..£8.10
Lucas Oil Products Fuel treatment (1 litre)
Lucas Fuel Treatment is formulated for both petrol and diesel engines, carbureted or fuel injected. ..£16.19
Lucas Oil Products Transmission Fix (710ml)
Lucas Transmission Fix has a polymetric film which renews worn bands to stop slipping. It cleans and..£12.65
Lucas Oil Products Power steering stop leak (946ml)
Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak completely stops power steering seal leaks. It is 100% guaranteed or ..£16.45
Lucas Oil Products Red & tacky grease.
Lucas Red N Tacky is a technical blend of lithium and polymers plus a heavy addition of "anti-wear"/..£3.78
Lucas Oil Products Marine grease.
Lucas Marine Grease is a premium heavy duty lithium complex grease formulated with a unique additive..£7.03
Lucas Oil Products Xtra heavy duty grease.
Lucas X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease is a shear stable product with exceptional extreme pressure characteri..£3.78
Silicone spray aerosol tin.
For use on curtain slider tracks, folding bus and train doors, coin operated machines, etc. Use as a..£5.00
Silicone grease aerosol tin.
Excellent insulating properties for electronic control and switchgear in exterior applications. 500m..£6.20
Copper grease aerosol tin.
Stable up to 275 degrees C as a grease and 1200 degrees C as a release agent. 500ml tin. ..£6.56
Copper grease anti-seize compound.
Anti seize compound. 7.5% copper. -30 to 1100 degrees Celcius temperature range. ..£6.72
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