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The complete Lucas Oil Products range plus lubes, oils and additives - Lubricating products, such as grease, lubes and additives are manufactured for use in automotive, industrial and commercial applications where many individual components work together in performing a certain task. Adding high quality lubes, additives and greases to the mix only helps reduce complexity while maintaining high performance.

To help protect fleets and improve machinery performance Stanley R. Harris offers a whole range of products, such as, lubes, additives and greases which improves performance and add years on your machinery. The company has long been a leader in distributing only the best performance enhancing products and tools that are needed to keep important machinery running.

Escalating demands of today’s grease, lubes and additives applications calls for finding the best products for the job. Along with providing the complete Lucas Oil Products range plus lubes, oils and additives to keep vehicles and heavy machinery running, we also look towards other cost effective friction modifiers which can enhance performance, while reducing cost, complexity and certain quality concerns. By investigating the fundamentals of wear and tear, we are in a position of finding the most novel lubes, grease and additives, and then including them to our complete and globally-recognized portfolio. 

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Food safe aerosol lube.
Based on edible soya bean oil. For food preperation and packing machinery. Water resistant. Nut and ..£6.12
Clear grease aerosol tin.
Silicone free grease. Clear for low visibility. 500ml tin. ..£5.46
White grease with PTFE aerosol tin.
Universal grease. Silicone free. Anti water wash out properties. Anti corrosive. 500ml aerosol tin. ..£3.82
Chain and cable lube aerosol tin.
For heavyweight drive chains e.g forklift truck masts and motorcycle chains. Anti fling formula. 500..£5.70
Polythene funnel with flexible spout.
150mm diameter funnel with flexible spout and filter. ..£8.70
Polythene rectangular funnel.
Polythene with stainless steel filter. 300mm long. ..£10.60
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