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Hi-tech digital Tachograph equipment is used by fleet managers to electronically record driver or vehicle activities either right into the in-cab system's own memory, or on a driver smart card for out-of-cab data analysis. The recorded data of the driver is then retrieved at later on. These Tacho analysis tools provide key driver and vehicle reports, which are necessary to ensure the safety of the fleet.

Stanley R. Harris also offers some of the most reliable names when it comes to driving aids and Tachograph products. Drivers of heavy machinery, such as, trucks and trailers etc are required by law to ensure that they have a sufficient amount of Tachograph rolls before they drive out on long distances. The Tachograph products and driver aids which are offered at Stanley R. Harris are not only EC approved to fit all digital Tachographs in the market, but also get you the most out of your Tachograph system.

When it comes to premium quality Tachograph products and driver aids, Stanley R. Harris is also the number on online destination for high quality Digital Tachograph Organisers which are used to safely store your driver card or spare digital printer roll. The huge inventory also includes weekly envelopes and time record books to keep track of drivers who work on base. 

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Digital tachograph paper 3 rolls per pack
The paper is fully EC approved to fit every available digital tachograph on the market: e1 84 Siemen..£5.00
Ex Tax: £4.17
Tachograph drivers wallet
Drivers semi circular tachodisc storage wallet...£6.28
Ex Tax: £5.23
Vehicle daily check and defect book
Defect book suitable for PCV & HGV application. 50 pages (not numbered). ..£4.70
Ex Tax: £3.92
Vehicle defect report pad
This book contains 25 reports in duplicate, and each set is uniquely serial numbered. ..£7.00
Ex Tax: £5.83
Weekly envelopes pk.100
Drivers weekly tachodisc envelopes. Complete instructions printed on outside. Packet of 100 envelope..£5.78
Ex Tax: £4.82
Working time record book
Used to record working time for a 26 week reference period..£9.01
Ex Tax: £7.51
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