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It’s amazing how little things can make a big difference to the overall appearance of your car. If you would like to give your vehicle a different look, all you have to do is spare a little of your cash and your time and get ready to use, custom seat covers that you can just slip over and car seat.

If you are out hunting for the best seat covers for your vehicle then have a look at Stanley R. Harris for the seat covers that are crafted from premium quality free breathing fabric, and built to handle any kind of trip, from the daily commute to and from work to a drive down to the lake, Stanley R. Harris has the quality you are looking for at the most affordable price.

Since they are not made to order and come in a 100 micron roll, no more struggling with your vehicles seats, now all you have to do is use our products to upgrade the interior. Whether your aim is to add some new life to your old seats or just keep your brand new seats the way they are, using our premium quality products should be a sure fit in getting you the best fabric and quality along with helping you make a style statement with your smart seat cover.

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Town and Country universal truck double seat cover
For low back seat with no headrest. Full coverage and elasticated bottom. Grey only. ..£48.49
Ex Tax: £40.41
Town and Country universal truck single seat cover
Integral headrest type with full coverage and elasticated bottom. Holes for seatbelts on both side f..£36.34
Ex Tax: £30.28
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