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Working time record book
Used to record working time for a 26 week reference period..£7.51
Lucas Oil Products Oil stabilizer (946ml)
Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is the number one heavy duty and high performance oil supplement. It..£16.19
Lucas Oil Products Oil stabilizer (3.785 litres)
Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is the number one heavy duty and high performance oil supplement. It..£49.68
Lucas Oil Products Engine oil stop leak (1 litre)
Leaking engines are usually older engines. Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak is not only a leak stopper but..£8.10
Lucas Oil Products Fuel treatment (1 litre)
Lucas Fuel Treatment is formulated for both petrol and diesel engines, carbureted or fuel injected. ..£16.19
Lucas Oil Products Transmission Fix (710ml)
Lucas Transmission Fix has a polymetric film which renews worn bands to stop slipping. It cleans and..£12.65
Lucas Oil Products Power steering stop leak (946ml)
Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak completely stops power steering seal leaks. It is 100% guaranteed or ..£16.45
Lucas Oil Products Red & tacky grease.
Lucas Red N Tacky is a technical blend of lithium and polymers plus a heavy addition of "anti-wear"/..£3.78
Lucas Oil Products Marine grease.
Lucas Marine Grease is a premium heavy duty lithium complex grease formulated with a unique additive..£7.03
Lucas Oil Products Xtra heavy duty grease.
Lucas X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease is a shear stable product with exceptional extreme pressure characteri..£3.78
Silicone spray aerosol tin.
For use on curtain slider tracks, folding bus and train doors, coin operated machines, etc. Use as a..£5.00
Silicone grease aerosol tin.
Excellent insulating properties for electronic control and switchgear in exterior applications. 500m..£6.20
Copper grease aerosol tin.
Stable up to 275 degrees C as a grease and 1200 degrees C as a release agent. 500ml tin. ..£6.56
Copper grease anti-seize compound.
Anti seize compound. 7.5% copper. -30 to 1100 degrees Celcius temperature range. ..£6.72
Food safe aerosol lube.
Based on edible soya bean oil. For food preperation and packing machinery. Water resistant. Nut and ..£6.12
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